Ukraine-Indian collaboration

Employees of Industrial biotechnology department support close copulas with the National technological institute of the state of Karnataka (India). From 2012 to 2014 under the direction of prof. Dugan O.M. was executed the bilateral Ukrainian-Indian project «Development of probiotic preparation for the improvement of antioxidants utilization». The advanced study was carried out at support of the State agency of science, innovation and informatization of Ukraine and Government of Republic India. Basic work assignment is constructing of probiot of new generation with an antioxidant action.

Ukraine-China collaboration

Prof. Dugan O.M., dean of FBT, at the head of delegation of NTUU «KPI» on October, 11-21 in 2014 carried out a visit to University of Khuechzhou (province of Guandun, Republic of China). Agreement about a collaboration between NTUU «KPI» and university of  Khuechzhou was concluded. As by agreement the scientific and academic contacts will be extended and foundation of the Joint research institute is planned.

Internship of students

For last five years more than ten students of department passed the internships in foreign universities and scientific establishments: Rhenish – Vestfalf technical university of Aakhen (Germany), University of WWU of Myunster (Germany), Institute of molecular phytophysiology the name of M. Plank (m. Potsdam, Germany), University of Martin-Luther-university of Halle (Saale)) (Germany), University of RWTH Aachen (Germany).