Department of Industrial Biotechnology

The specialization of «Industrial biotechnology» provides scientifists and engineers of biochemical and chemical productions, the enterprises of the food industry, scientific and design institutions of a biological and chemical direction, an institution of sanitary supervision, company and establishment, which produced the food additives and veterinary preparations; control and analytical laboratories, the certification centers.

Our graduates can works as masters, technologists, research associates, chiefs of departments, laboratories, experts, biotechnologists, microbiologists, biologists, geneticists, bacteriologists, biophysics, chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, teachers according to the State qualifier of professions .

We have the next partners for the practical training of our students:

  • Institute of molecular biology and genetics of NANU
  • Botany institute of M.G.Kholodnogo NANU
  • Institute of experimental pathology, oncology and radiobiology, of R.E.Kavetsky NANU
  • Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases of L.V.Gromashevsky AMNU
  • Microbiology and virology institute of D.N.Zabolotnogo NANU
  • Institute of cultivation and genetics of animal UAAN
  • Institute of pharmacology and AMNU toxicology
  • Institute of physiology of plants and genetics of NANU
  • National medical academy of postdegree education of P.L.Shupik
  • ATZT NVK “Diaprof-Med”
  • JSC “Farmak”
  • JSC “Kiivmedpreparat”
  • JSC “Biofarma”
  • JSC “Indar”
  • JSC Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa”
  • JSC “Kiev Vitamin Plant”
  • JSC “Obolon”
  • JSC “Farma Start”

On the majority of the specified enterprises on engineer and senior positions have been working many of the department’s graduates, and in large part listed scientific institutions  graduates of specialty already received scientific degrees and became research associates. Establishments  forms of ownership – state, joint-stock,  are places of future work of our students.