of Master Dissertations of 2th year students, group BT-51m

specialty 8.05140101 – Industrial Biotechnology

Full name The topic
1 Bodnia Olha Development of antibacterial preparation based on Danofloksatsyn in form of solvent for injections
2 Venhlovska Anna Creating transgenic plants producers of accumulating recombinant vaccine antigens
3 Hranina Anastasiia Peculiarities of biotechnologies for peroral immunization: preparation of composites based on polymer particles with recombinant diphtheria toxin
4 Hutsol Olha Groundwater  treatment by improving biotechnology iron and manganeze removal
5 Kravchenko Olena Development of method of obtaining polyclonal antibodies to collagen
6 Kuznets Dmytro Advanced recombinant glargine insulin production process using methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris
7 Кузьмінська Ірина Ігорівна Development of veterinary preparation based on biostatic derivatives of peptide group heterocycles
8 Molochko Maryna Development of the process for obtaining antitumor antibiotic landomycin A
9 Mokhnach Yuliia The urban wastewater treatment by improving biotechnology of nitrification and denitrification processes
10 Romaniuk Alexander The impact of lowmolecular  compounds heterocyclic derivatives of pirazoltryazynon on growth and development of plants
11 Fesiuk Olena Isolation and development of methods for recombinant proteins purification of plant cells Daucus carota
12 Yaikova M. The impact of synthetic and natural stimulators on plant growth