Industrial biotechnology is the branch of industry and science, which uses the microorganisms, plants, animal cells and biological processes for the production of industrially useful products (antibiotics, vaccines etc.).

The Department of Industrial biotechnology is the part of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics and prepares Bachelors and Masters in speciality “Biotechnology and bioengineering” and specialization “Industrial biotechnology”. During the admission, applicants submit ZNO (EIT) certificates in Ukrainian language and literature, Biology , Chemistry  (or Mathematics).

The first group of specialists in Biotechnology graduated from The Department in 1998. The graduates of the Department work for the leading industrial enterprises of biotechnological and pharmaceutical branches, teach in higher educational establishments, create new products and technologies in the research institutes of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Nowadays there are 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 2 assistants among the employees of the Department. The teachers of the Department not only pass on the knowledge in professional disciplines (microbiology and virology, genetics, general biotechnology, general immunology, bases of pharmaceutical productions etc.) to the students but also perform researches and bring over students to them.

The main research areas of the Department include – analysis of genetic risks, biotechnology of vitamins (prof. Dugan O.M.), biomedical technologies (prof. Gorchakov V.Yu.), development of facilities of infectious diseases in-vitro-diagnostics (ass. prof. Galkin O.Yu.), biotechnology of edible fungi preparations (ass. prof. Klechak I.R.), probiotics (ass. prof.  Oriabinska L.B.), enzymes and antibiotics (ass. prof. Todosiichuk T.S.). Almost a half of the teachers of the Department are its graduates: associate professors Galkin O.Yu. and Dekhtiarenko N.V., senior teachers Titova L.O., Linovytska V.M., Dzyhun L.P., assistant Polishchuk V.Yu. The leading teachers of the Department carry out post-graduate management and prepare scientific personnel in speciality «Biotechnology» within the post-graduate school of the University.

The Department co-operates with leading scientific establishments and industrial enterprises of biotechnological and pharmaceutical branches, where students have an opportunity to do practical work or have an internship. International cooperation with the National Technological Institute of the State of Karnataka (India) and University of Huizhou (province of Guangdong, People’s Republic of China) is set.

Apart from studying, the students of the Department take part in All-Ukrainian olympiads in Biotechnology and take prizes, win University contests and sports competitions.