Directions of researches of teachers and scientific student’s groups of the Department of Industrial Biotechnology

Prof. Dugan O. M. Biotechnology of microbial synthesis of vitamins. Genetic activity of nanocomposites and chemical pollution agricultural and foodstuff.
Prof. Gorchakov V.Yu. Biotechnology and biotechnics use in medicine.
Ass. prof.  Klechak I.R. Biochemistry and biotechnology of the highest bazidial mushrooms.
Ass. prof.  Oryabinskaya L.B. Development of technology of probiotic preparations on the basis of lacticacid bacteria.
Ass. prof.   Todosiichuk T.S. Biotechnologies and ready forms of bacteriolytic enzymes and antibiotics  of streptomycetes.
Ass. prof.  Galkin A.Yu. Development of means of in-vitro-diagnostics of infectious diseases and hormonal violations.
Teach. Dzygun L. P. Biotechnology of mushroom carotinoids. Fermental systems of representatives of the species Polyporus.
Teach. Linovytska V. M.


Biotechnology of receiving polysaccharides from the highest bazidial mushrooms.