Full name The topic The head of the degree project
1. Mazurets Antonina Mykhaylivna The production of dry Lactobacterin Polishchuk Valentyna
2. Danylova Victoria Viktorivna Production of immune-enzyme test-systems for hepatitis C detecting Polishchuk Valentyna
3. Grabilnikova Krystyna Valeriivna The production of lincomycin hydrochloride in ampoules for injection Titova Larysa
4. Yanchenko Viacheslav Yriyovich Production of ascorbic acid for injection Polishchuk Valentyna
5. Voitenko Oleksandra Ivanivna The production of nasal interferon Titova Larysa
6. Ivanukha Olena Mykolaivna Production of lizolin powder for injection Polishchuk Valentyna