of Master Dissertations of 2th year students, group BT-41c

specialty 8.05140101 – Industrial Biotechnology

Full name The topic
1. Arbuzova Iryna Lettuce plants as a biotechnological system for synthetic antihypertensive siRNA establishment
2. Bohun Tetiana Indolequinoxalines derivatives – promising compounds with antiviral and interferon inducing actions
3. Gantseva Kristina Effect of winter wheat seeds pretreatment by agents of different nature for germination processes
4. Gatskovskyi Iurii Improvement in biotechnological production of recombinant thrombopoethin in СНО culture
5. Honcharova Daria Preparations based on antimicrobial products of Streptomyces albus
6. Kotik Bogdana Visual pre-screening of transformation events in obtaining transgenic plants and cell lines
7. Oleinikova Vladyslava Development of a biological preparation to enhance the effectiveness of functional food
8. Pryshchepa Yuliia Development of Agrobacterium – mediated heterologous transient expression method in Lactuca sativa L. plants
9. Strelnyk Oksana Increasing the biosynthesis of pharmacologically valuable secondary metabolites of medicinal plant Digitalis purpurea L. in vitro system
10. Sushko Antonina Biotechnology of hydrogen synthesis by spore-forming bacteria
11. Chudnivets Oleksandra Prospects of using of basidiomycetes of the genus Trametes biomass in biotechnology
12. Yanovych Mariia Biotechnology peculiarities of anaerobic producing biogas from solid wastes