Biotechnology of agricultural production

Annotation for a course work

The theme Full name
1. Production and use of mineral and bacterial fertilizers Kravchenko Olena Vadimivna
2. Biotechnology of agricultural production Kuzminskaya Irina Igorivna
3. Insecticides agricultural purposes Kolosovа A.K.
4. Agricultural Purpose Zoocides Mokhnach Y. S.
5. Growth regulators biotechnological origin which are used in crop production Venglovska A. S.
6. Probiotics for animals Fesiuk Olena Volodymyrivna
7. Hormones for animals farming Molochko Maryna
8. Vaccines for animals Kuznets Dmytro Olehovych
9. Vitamins for livestock Yaikova Margarita
10. Protein-vitamin concentrates for stockbreeding Bodnya Olga
11. Amino acids for animal Romaniuk Olexander Viktorovich