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1. Alekseіchuk Lesya Influence of natural information fields on the physiological properties of lactic acid bacteria
2. Herasymenko Yana Ready-made forms and specificity of Streptomyces albus preparations for plants bioregulation
3. Hrabchuk Svitlana Phosphorus bioavailability in cereal grain
4. Kizitska Tetiana Antibacterial properties of macromycetes Fomitopsis betulina and Lentinula edodes
5. Karpeko Katerina Features of basidium mushrooms of the genus Trametes submerged  cultivation on food industry waste
6. Karpenko Viktoria Production of biologically active lysates of the cultures of the genus Lactobacillus
7. Olefirenko Darina Features of exopolysaccharides biosynthesis by basidium mushrooms of the genus Trametes  at submerged  cultivation
8. Pysmenna Mariia The mutant forms of  human heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor
9. Polishchuk Iryna Study of N-stearoylethanolamine effect on adipocyte lipid profile for induced insulin resistance
10. Polozuk Julia Technological features of cultivation of anaerobic hydrogen synthesizing microorganisms
11. Smilianets Evheniia Biotechnology of the drinking water purification of the nitrogen compounds on rapid filters
12. Troianovska L. Features of the isolation and characterization of Streptomyces albus antibiotic complex
13. Yadrykhins’ky Vladyslav Isolation of the butanol-dehydrogenase gene Clostridium spp. and modeling a butanol producer on its basis

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